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We at Roots Tuition, aim to be a one stop for all the solutions to our students’ problems. We believe that student learning and comfort is the priority and all students can learn to their fullest potential when they are provided with the appropriate guidance. Our teachers promise to promote students’ understanding and analytical thinking so that they can contribute to the continuously progressing global environment.

Continuous commitment to improvement ensures that our students are well-rounded, self-directed and lifelong learners. By maintain a safe learning environment, we provide an opportunity for students to be successful. Along with our staff, we ensure that parents and community also contribute to achieving our goal by advancing the institution’s mission.


Our vision as an organisation is to prioritise academics and personal growth by constant guidance from our experienced staff. We aspire to help students during their crucial academic years, be it personal or education.

Roots Tuition will help students realise their individual and social responsibility as good human beings and contributors to society. We value honesty, integrity and humanity: traits that we would like our students to develop. The importance of being kind human being is one of the most important things we teach at Roots Tuition.

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